Ozymandias (S5E14)

So I know who Hank is. Or rather, as I will apologetically assert over the course of this and every other entry I do, I have a vague concept of who Hank is. And Steve Gomez, his partner that I incorrectly referred to as Guttierez in an earlier post, an ethnically presumptuous recollection that I fixed after I took a look at my notes.

Anyways, right now my huge questions revolve around this meeting in the beginning that obviously did not go the way Hank, Walt, or Jessie planned, but perhaps exactly how the nazis planned. Something I wrote in my notes, and subsequently something I forgot to watch out for at all, was that I had a poor concept of exactly how much money was in Walt’s possession at this point. I didn’t write down how much money he gave to Elliott and Gretchen in the finale, and while I believe he mentions having 11 million dollars in the barrel he gets to keep, I didn’t count how many barrels the nazis made off with. Walt offers Jack 80 million not to kill Hank, and given what I know about Walt, he’s probably giving him a pretty accurate figure.

Speaking of Walt and Jack, Jack seems to treat Walt’s requests with a little more deference than I’d have imagined he would. What I took away from this was that Jessie was the one who called the DEA on Walt, and Jack’s gang crashed the party somehow. Jack tells Walt about how he had some real exact coordinates for the site so obviously somebody tipped him off, but I can’t imagine why it would’ve been Walt, unless Walt knew Jessie was the one who sold him out and wanted someone to kill Jessie? He seemed pretty comfortable with the idea of Jack shooting him. The flashback in the beginning seems to imply that their working relationship might’ve been a little strained, but at the same time he saves Jessie in the finale.

Clearly I don’t have a strong idea of what the hell went down here yet.

Another big unknown for me was how much Walt’s family knew about his business. The flashback in the beginning seemed to imply to me that Skyler was completely ignorant of what Walt was up to ~2 years ago. Obviously as of this episode, Hank and Marie knew, but Marie’s talk with Skyler at the car wash reveals that Skyler was not only aware of what Walt was up to, but was even complicit in helping him hide it. Marie seemed pretty upset about whatever document it is Skyler and Walt had. And Flynn apparently had no damn idea at all and was pretty crushed to take it in.

Anyways, the big scene in this one for me was Walt going back home and trying to take everyone  away with him. Flynn is all sorts of conflicted, and he and Skyler are understandably outraged with Walt over what happened to Hank. Something I wrote down earlier in my notes is that for all Walt’s intelligence, he seems to be kind of naive. He was shocked in the last episode to learn that there was no possible way to transfer his dirty money to his family, and he seemed genuinely surprised to see Jack execute Hank despite taking the money. Likewise, Walt seemed pretty shocked to find out that Skyler and Flynn didn’t want to get in his crappy truck with his drum full of cash and drive off to…wherever the hell he thought he was going to go. Hank told him “the cavalry” was coming.

I don’t know what Walt’s long term plan was at this point. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer so him being alive probably didn’t factor in, and after he was made by Hank, it seems like he was just panicking and improvising, way too freaked out to think about what he was doing. Sure he could easily make a new life with 11 million dollars cash, but his pitch to Flynn and Skyler could definitely have used some work. I was getting a little weepy watching this scene until it escalated to physical violence, but I kind of feel like Skyler and Flynn’s reactions were justifiable given what they could guess and how little Walt explained.

What I had a hard time justifying was Walt cutting his losses and just making off with the baby, pushing Skyler’s car into the street to see how far he could get as an extremely wanted man with a very young child in tow. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn’t have a strong concept of exactly how much effort the DEA was about to put into getting his head, but it was still a pretty poorly thought out endeavor. Once more, I have to assume that Walt was panicking and thought maybe Holly would be safer with him and all his money than she would be with Skyler and Flynn, like he thought his dirty money was the best way to protect his family so he’d force it on the one member who couldn’t object. But when he’s changing her in the rest room and even she’s babbling as if to say, “No man, this isn’t going to work,” he seemed to come to his senses.

One of my notes from the first episode I watched dealt with Walt coming back to the house to talk to Skyler. He says that this extraordinarily creepy meeting is much nicer than the last time they had any contact, which was a phone call. My exact words in relation to that assertion were “that had to have been the world’s scariest phone call.” Now that I’ve seen this phone call, I see I made a pretty safe assumption. It’s my understanding that Breaking Bad’s viewership holds a pretty low opinion of Skyler as a character, but from my limited information, I can’t see what traction Walt has when he makes all these accusations towards her. What I picked up during this episode was that Skyler was at least a little complicit in Walt’s dealings, so maybe she did screw up? He still threatens to kill her, and that’s pretty antithetical to the entire reason he got into meth in the first place, which was to protect his family. He clearly cracks a little as the phone call draws to a close though, and I was relieved to see him pull a baby Moses leaving Holly at the fire station.

Anyways, questions and other things I don’t understand:

Obviously I don’t have a great handle on what went down in the desert stand-off.

My assumption is that the Whites own this car wash. Was it a recent acquisition, or did Walt figure the car wash wouldn’t bring in enough money to support his family after he was gone?

Does Jessie know anything about the kids in the photo he took, or does he just take the whole thing so he has the paperclip?

Todd seems like the brains of the operation, did he show mercy to Jessie for any reason beside wanting him as a meth chef?

Jessie mentions a video to the nazis, Marie mentions some slanderous document to Skyler, and I don’t know what’s in either of these. Was Jessie’s video the one they were watching in the previous episode?


2 thoughts on “Ozymandias (S5E14)

  1. Walt knew the phone call was being monitored by police and wen “crazy” over the call to make sure Skyler came off as a victim in the whole thing and would get in less trouble with the law, this is also brought up in the next episode (the one you already watched)

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